My contributions and projects on GitHub.

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A website which incorpoates COVID related computer vision tools.
Currently has a pulse detector system using the webcam (explanation here) and a mask detection system using the webcam

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Take a Break

A productivity website to tackle procrastination by using self-destructing tabs and boosting your productivity.
Check it out at

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My Website

Source code for this website.
Made with Bootstrap.
Licensed under AGPL-3.

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Sign Language Detector

A sign language detector made with TensorFlow, Keras and OpenCV

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Expressando is a rock, paper, scissors game made using Python (TensorFlow, Keras and OpenCV)

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Retro Music Player's Website

Source code of
Made with Bootstrap.
Licensed under AGPL-3.

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Retro Music Player

Member and contributor of Retro Music Player, a material design, offline music player for Android.

Spotify Theme Banner

A cross-platform Spicetify theme which removes all Spotify ads (audio, banner, popup, etc.) and declutters the stock UI.

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Designed the website of PatternHouse with Bootstrap, the destination for all programming pattern problems and solutions.

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Windows 10 Debloat

Collection of various scripts and apps to debloat Windows 10 for better privacy, performance and optimization.

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Old Website

Source code of my old website.
Licensed under GPLv3.

Other Contributions
Other Contributions

I have a few more contributions not worth mentioning in the website, but they are available in my GitHub account